Air Content Of Fresh Mixed Concrete

For determining the air content of freshly mixed concrete from observation of the change
in volume of concrete with a change in pressure


TYPE Parts Name Description QTY
376-C Air Entrainment 5 ltrs capacity. 2″ maximum aggregate 1 set
Meter size, direct reading 0 – 10% manometer
hand pump
370-C Carrying Case Wooden Box. 1 pc
153-G Scoop Cast alumunium. 1 pc
154-G Trowel Pointed type. 1 pc
379-C Straight edge 40 cm length 1 pc
155-G Rubber Mallet wooden handle. 1 pc
160-G Brush Steel wire. 1 pc
369-C Tamping Rod Galvanized Steel 16 mm dia, 1 pc
600 mm length.


Dimension (l x w x h) : 40 x 40 x 10 cm
Gross Weight : 30 kg
Air Content Of Fresh Mixed Concrete
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