Softening Point Test

For determining softening point of asphalt and tar using the ring and ball method.


TYPE Parts Name Description QTY
351-B Shouldered Ring Machine brass, height adjusment. 1 set
352-B Standard Ball Steel ball 3/8 “ dia 2 pcs
354-B Flash Support Wire gauze, variable height adjusment. 1 set
Support Assembly Provided Thermometer holder. 1 set
333-B Bunsen Burner Heat resources. 1 pc
230-B Asbestos Wire Gauze 15 cm x 15 cm. 1 pc
353-B Beaker Glass 1000 ml capacity 1 pc
312-B Thermometer ASTM  15 C, 2 to 80 deg.C 1 pc


Dimension (l x w x h) : 70 x 70 x 70 cm
Gross Weight : 10 kg
Softening Point Test
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